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Bermuda Public Forecast

Issued at 4:30 pm - Friday, December 13, 2019
The next scheduled update will be issued at 11:30 pm
Small Craft Warning (Valid for Late Tonight through Sunday morning)

Headline -

Southerly breeze increasing tonight...

Public Synopsis -

Winds will veer to become strong southerlies later tonight and forewarn the approaching cold front, expected to bring squally showers into our area late Saturday night and thunderstorms with the front's passage during Sunday morning. High pressure quickly advances in the wake of the front, easing winds and bringing cooler temperatures as well as a bright & dry start to next week.

Tonight -

  Partly to mostly cloudy...  Winds southeasterly moderate, increasing south-southeasterly moderate to strong late night...  Low near 21°C/70°F.

Saturday -

  Early sunshine turns cloudy & developing showers overnight...  Winds south-southeasterly moderate to strong, veering southerly, increasing strong with gusts to gale force late evening...  High near 24°C/75°F, low near 21°C/70°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast - 3 or moderate.

Sunday -

  Cloudy, showers, thunderstorm risk, diminishes in afternoon...  Winds south-southwesterly strong gusts to gale force, veering westerly moderate to strong around midday, then easing west-northwesterly moderate during the evening...  High near 23°C/74°F, low near 20°C/68°F.

Monday -

  Partly cloudy...  Winds northwesterly moderate, easing light to moderate in the afternoon, veering northerly light in the evening, then veering southeasterly overnight...  High near 21°C/70°F, low near 19°C/66°F.

Tuesday -

  Partly cloudy...  Winds southeasterly light to moderate, increasing south-southwesterly moderate by afternoon, then moderate to strong overnight...  High near 22°C/72°F, low near 20°C/68°F.
Climate data recorded Thursday, December 12, 2019, at the L.F.Wade International Airport -
Hours of sunshine: 0.1
Maximum: 23.1°C/73.6°F
Minimum: 19.2°C/66.6°F
Sea Surface: 21.1°C/70°F
Yesterday: 19.6mm/0.77"
December to date: 55.9mm/2.2"
Past 30 Days: 96.8mm/3.81"
Meteorologist: Kimberley Zuill, Observer: Matthew Little