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At L.F.Wade Int. Airport
Recorded at 4:55 pm
or 7mph
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Island Observations
Bermuda Marine Forecast
Issued At: 4:30 pm Monday, September 23, 2019
Sea Temp. 
28.5°C / 83.3°F

Marine Synopsis:

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Tropical Storm Jerry, a threat to Bermuda, is expected to bring tropical storm force winds with possible hurricane force gusts to Bermuda from Tuesday evening. Ahead of Jerry, expect southeasterly winds to increase, clouds to thicken and rain with embedded showers as of this evening and isolated thunderstorms. Seas become rough to very rough and dangerous through Wednesday.
This evening
In: 2-3ft
Out: 6-10ft
SE  15-20 kts
Late night
In: 2-3ft
Out: 6-10ft
SSE  15-20 kts
Tuesday morning
In: 2-5ft
Out: 10-15ft
SSE  20-30 kts
Tuesday afternoon
In: 2-5ft
Out: 10-15ft
S  20-30 gusts 40 kts
Tuesday In: 2-5ft Out: 10-15ft W 35-45 gusts 65 kts
Wednesday In: 2-4ft Out: 15-8ft W 25-35 gusts 45 kts
Thursday In: 1-3ft Out: 6-9ft NW 8-12 kts
Friday In: 1-3ft Out: 4-7ft N 5-10 kts
In: = Seas inside the reef.
Out: = Seas outside the reef.
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